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What's an IMD?

IMD is an Indonesian based startup company focusing on various computer programming, security technology consultant and services project which harness creativity and technology. IMD is totally commited to quality service, transparency, customer oriented approach and moral values. We also provide maintenance service, seting and configuration network, rental (computer, laptop, printer, and projector), General Trade, IT Provider, Data Centre, IT Infrastructure, IT Consultan, Software Development, Digital Printing and ATK.


  1. Become a professional IT company with optimal solutions and services and have foreign power.
  2. To become an information and communication technology company that is able to compete in today's globalized world.
  3. To be one of the leading companies that implement technology intelligently in all industry lines, especially related to computer and communication technology infrastructure, automation and digital media technology.


  1. Provide quality products and services with maximum after-sales service to every customer.
  2. Prioritizing professionalism, individual and team capabilities in producing superior products.
  3. Contribute in maintaining the sovereignty of the country and improving the quality of life.
  4. Increase company value through the creation of innovative products.

our service

Grapic Design

Our designing team helps you enhance your design that will bring. Professionalis in the business image and optimize marketing.

Mobile App Development

We have expertisi in multifarious game & apps development. That will be helpful in propelling the business in online marketplace.

Managed Services

Managed services were offered for IT & Data Centre monitoring and controlling the critical element in order to maintaining maximum availability for your critical operations. Utilizing IP & Web technologies to over see and control critical support systems from just about anywhere.

Data Center Solution

Key design criteria development, Site Surveys, Assessment Service, Design with smart & Artistic Modeling

Skill Of Company


  • LAN/WLAN Settings
  • VPN Settings & Firewall Settings
  • CCTV Installation
  • PABX Installation
  • Microtic Settings & Router/ Switch Managable
  • Troubleshoot Exsisting Network
  • Optimalisasi Bandwith Management
  • Fiber Optic Installation

software Development

  • Dekstop IP
  • Build Website
  • Build Android Application
  • Sistem Informasi Management Kepegawaian
  • Aplikasi POS (Point Of Sale)
  • Custom Application


  • Server Tower & Server Rackmount
  • Storage Qnap & Cloud Server
  • Setting Server
  • Server Troubleshoot
  • Windows Server Mail, Share File, Data Server
  • Linux Server, DNS, Cpanel, Email, dll

pc / laptop

  • Service PC & Laptop
  • Part Replacement
  • Protection For Virus, Firewall, Malware, And Trojan
  • Operating System License Installation
  • Maintenance Computer


  • Service Printer
  • Part Replacement
  • Refill Toner & Catridge


  • UPS Installation
  • UPS Service
  • Genset Installation & Settings
  • Genset Service


  • Notebook
  • PC All In One
  • Projector
  • Screen Projector
  • Printer


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Operasional Office : Jl. Merdeka Blok A No. 32A, RT. 004/ RW. 028, Kel. Abadijaya, Kec. Sukmajaya, Kota Depok 16417

Head Office : 18 Office Park Lt. 10 Unit A, Jl TB. Simatupang No. 18, Jakarta Selatan

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021 77844230

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0813-1578-6784 (Bapak Sudahno) / 0812-8145-1217 (Office)